Daniel Caesar has walked back his controversial comments about the Black community.

As reported, the rising star was dragged through many corners of the e-streets after making a number of blanket statements about Black people in support of his Caucasian media personality friend YesJulz.

Now, with time to reflect on the fall-out, the Canadian native is singing a somewhat different tune.

See what we mean below…

Though standing by his sentiments, the ‘Best Part’ belter confesses that he approached the matter in a “pretentious” manner and was “talking down” to people when attempting to get his point across. And for that he apologizes.

Peep his IG Live statement:

Time will tell is it’s enough to quell the flames of fury.

As for the comments that initially, he went on record to say (in response to podcast’s claim that Julz was a “culture vulture”):

“Why are we being so mean to Julz? Why are we being so mean to white people right now? That’s a serious question. Why is it that we’re allowed to be disrespectful and rude to everybody else and when anybody returns any type of energy to us… That’s not equality. I don’t wanna be treated like I can’t take a joke.”

He went on to add:

“White people have been mean to us in the past. What are you gonna do about that? Tell me what you’re gonna do about that. There’s no answer other than creating understanding and keeping it moving. That’s some biblical sh*t. You have to bridge the gap.”


[Photo credit: Aaron Wynia / D. Caesar Instagram]

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