Ruin My Life by Zara Larsson: quite a good song. Without Me by Halsey: also quite a good song. The common denom­in­ator is LA-based song­writer and now pop entity in her own right Delacey, whose new Ido Smishlany-produced single My Man is a) a really fresh pop tune and b) out and about as of right this very moment, following this evening’s Annie Mac Hottest Record spin. “I hope you feel like you know me when you hear this song,” Delacey told Annie, “and that you still like me after.”

Delacey’s bio blurb covers all the usual areas — “lyrical rawness” and “toughness and vul­ner­ab­il­ity” for instance, with the oblig­at­ory reference to “ethereal, yet soulful vocals” thrown in for good measure. But judging by the lyrics of My Man, Delacey seems like the sort of artist who’ll make most sense when she tells her own story in her own words. Delacey describes herself as “an endless bank of crazy things I’ve gone through”; people will connect with her music in an honest way, she hopes, adding: “I hope that it makes them a little uncom­fort­able sometimes too.” 

Billboard ran a fairly good interview with Delacey a couple of months ago; Songwriter Universe also had a chat with her last year. There’ll be an EP later in the spring but for the time being My Man, a sort of post-Lana reima­gin­ing of Jolene that’s being billed as Delacey’s debut single, serves as a really strong intro­duc­tion to an artist whose presence could make pop a rather more pleasant place. 

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