Scooter Braun, the brains behind Justin Bieber’s operation, has seen his $10 million feud with Lady Gaga‘s former manager Troy Carter come to an end.

Full story below… Braun claims he loaned Carter (who used to manage Gaga and Azealia Banks) $10 million via his company Ithaca Management Holdings.

He then claimed that Carter had failed to reimburse him and took legal action against him with hopes doing so would force him to pay him back.

Troy was incensed, replying:

“I’m beyond disappointed that Scooter would file such a claim after I was the first person to support him when he was looking to launch Ithaca. I also advocated on his behalf to other management companies he wanted to acquire. I considered us friends.”

Today, they have decided to pull the plug on their court battle and signed off on a top secret deal which puts the whole thing to rest.

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