If Jordan Peele experienced slow and steady success with ‘Get Out,’ its critically acclaimed follow-up ‘US’ is delivering much more immediate results.

Top-billed by Lupita Nyong’o, the chilling thriller landed is theaters worldwide this week and is on-course to bulldoze initial expectations. Especially in North America.

Details below…

Now in contention to deliver one of the biggest debuts of 2019, ‘US’ is presently projected to gross $67 million from 3,741 North American locations.

In the event the numbers hold, the flick will have crossed a number of notable milestones – including becoming the highest debut for an original horror movie; the biggest opening for an R-rated movie (topping ‘Ted’s with $54.4 million); the second-highest premiere of 2019 after ‘Captain Marvel’; and, after amassing $29 million within its first 24 hours, is the third-highest opening day for a horror film.

The news comes after ‘US’ blasted past initial forecasts ($38 million to $50 million).

Made on a $20 million budget, Peele’s latest production is now set to triple its investment. And that’s just in America.


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