Her highly-anticipated debut album is here.

London-based singer-songwriter Nilüfer Yanya has released her debut album, Miss Universe.

The album explores themes of paranoia and anxiety, centering around a fictional health management company called WE WORRY ABOUT YOUR HEALTH™.

“You sign up, and you pay a fee”, she explains, “They sort out all of your dietary requirements, and then they move onto medication, and then maybe you can get a better organ or something… and then suddenly it starts to get a bit weird. You’re giving them more of you and to what end?”

Miss Universe is available to stream and download now. Check out the cover art and tracklist below.


02. ‘In Your Head’
03. ‘Paralysed’
04. ‘Angels’
05. ‘Experience?’
06. ‘Paradise’
07. ‘Baby Blu’
08. ‘Warning’
09. ‘Heat Rises’
10. ‘Melt’
11. ‘“Sparkle” GOD HELP ME’
12. ‘Safety Net’
13. ‘Tears’
14. ‘Monsters Under The Bed’
15. ‘The Unordained’
16. ‘Give Up Function’
17. ‘Heavyweight Champion of the Year’

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