R. Kelly can’t catch a break of late and now won’t be catching any flights either. At least not to Dubai.

Find out why below…

Currently battling 10 counts of sexual assault (which include alleged crimes against minors), the singer recently asked a Chicago judge for permission to travel to perform a concert in Dubai.

However, in a rare move, the country’s government media office have issued a statement advising that there are NO plans for any show from Kelly.

They said:

“Authorities in Dubai have not received any request for a performance by singer R. Kelly nor are there any venues that have been booked. [He] has not been invited by the Dubai royal family for a performance.”

Countering the claim, Kelly’s lawyer Steven A. Greenberg responded:

“Mr. Kelly had a signed contract with a legitimate promoter, and any information that was included in the motion to travel was from that contract. We did not say he was invited by The royal family, but the contract did provide that he would make himself available to meet with them.”

While the seeming confusion may not appear like a huge deal on the surface, it doesn’t help Kelly’s cause in that there have been murmurs from some corners about him being a possible flight risk. As such, claiming he has a show (especially in this climate) when he “allegedly” doesn’t presents a whole other set of issues for the embattled star.

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