Sharonda Wilson is a true example of sacrifice.

Sharonda and her son Stephan’s college commencement ceremonies were at the same time. The problem? They don’t attend the same school.

That didn’t matter to Sharonda. She wasn’t going to miss her boy’s big moment and upon finding out about the situation, Central Michigan University, Stephan’s school, decided to step up and make their special day even more incredible.

On Saturday (May 4), Ferris State University commuted the presentation of Sharonda’s degree to CMU, and according to the university’s Twitter account, Wilson was given her cap and received her bachelor’s degree during her son’s ceremony.

Video shows university President Bob Davies instructing Wilson to move her “tassel from your right to your left.” She received a standing ovation.

Stephan Wilson, who received a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in music theater says the ceremony was the perfect way to cap off his academic journey at CMU.

“Dr. Davies really shocked me. I told a friend of mine that (my) mom was skipping her graduation to be with me, and she used her magic to help Dr. Davies orchestrate that moment,” he told the Detroit Free Press. “When I heard (she) was getting her degree with me I was speechless. My mother is truly the strongest and most compassionate woman I know. That moment tops (any) other moment I have ever shared with my mother.”

Congrats are in order to both Sharonda and Stephan!

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