The Game is very supportive of Chris Brown’s music career and very against those against it.

TMZ recently caught up with the Cali rapper and asked him about the Breezy boycott following Justin Bieber’s post and this is what he said. “I think Chris Brown is um…when I watch him perform and I hear him sing, it reminds me a lot of [Michael Jackson],” he told the cameraman. “Brown be out here thuggin,’ so he got a little Tupac in him. But as far as people not wanting to work with Chris Brown, if you don’t want to work with Chris Brown, man f**k you. You gotta understand what it is. We influence the culture. We create the wave out here.”

The Game and Chris Brown have collaborated numerous times, including on the songs “Pot of Gold,” “All That,” and “Wait.” CB is currently working on his new album Indigo Season, which will contain 30 songs, according to the singer. The number is in honor of his upcoming 30th birthday.

See Justin Bieber’s Chris Brown post below.

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