2019 looks like it might be the one for Kofi Stone. Not a foot wrong so far. Perfectly matching conceptual visuals with the message beneath a track has been a trademark for Stone since day and ‘Talk About Us’ marks the third instalment of this year’s pairings. Breaking from the more sombre tones of ‘Same Old’ and ‘Rodney Place’, this collaborative effort with Ady Suleiman is SMOOTH. Part chill-hop, part 90s influenced R&B ballad, part honestly human story of ill-fated romance; ‘Talk About Us’ puts Kofi in league with that Children Of Zeus-esque ability to create a vibe that walks the line between making hip hop purists pay attention while making their less rap orientated girlfriends want to sing along and slow-wind.

Think its not an unreasonable suggestion at this point to say Kofi might be BIG by the time the year is out.

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