Love & Hip Hop star Brittney Taylor reportedly got in a heated brawl that covered two different floors of her Manhattan luxury apartment.

According to TMZ, Taylor was arrested early Friday (June 14), after a fight began in her apartment. The celebrity news outlet says sources told them that Brittney and an unnamed woman were arguing before things got physical.

Taylor allegedly scratched the woman, which left visible marks on her, and she fled to an elevator. That wouldn’t be the end of it though as Brittany reportedly hopped into another elevator and met the alleged victim in the lobby and another beatdown ensued. Taylor allegedly pulled out her cell phone and threw it at the woman, hitting her in the forehead.

A little while later, NYPD showed up after Brittney fled to her apartment. She was reportedly arrested for assault and aggravated harassment, both of which are misdemeanors.

She was released without bail. Sanford Rubenstein, Taylor’s attorney, says his client has a court date set for next month to face the charges.

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