The old ‘style over comfort’/’comfort over style’ debate may be forever raging (sometimes it’s important to prioritise the shoes, sometimes the burning blisters), but, for those of you who tend to opt for the former and live to regret it, what if we told you that you could achieve both?

Meet: Sleeper.

The Ukrainian nightwear label was founded five years ago by two former fashion magazine editors, Kate Zubarieva and Aysa Varetsa, whose main aim was to create nightwear that wasn’t solely reserved for between the sheets. Essentialy, a pyjama label that crossed over into the outside world.

And cross over they have, finding themselves being worn by some of the world’s chicest celebrities and influencers for every occasion, from Dakota Fanning and Vanessa Hudgens to Arielle Charnas and Eva Chen.

Made using fabrics so luxurious that they’d almost feel wasted if hidden from public view, Sleeper’s staple pieces range widely in style. Their first cult look was the feathered-hem pyjama suit, with it inundating our Instagram feed last year and finding itself top choice at almost every fashion industry Christmas party.

This season – while the pyjama is no doubt still wildly popular – it’s the off-the-shoulder linen midi that’s being snapped up. And if anyone’s wearing *that* in bed that you’re officially the world’s chicest Sleeper…

Scroll down to read about the other trends we’ll all be falling for this season…

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