Just when we thought 2019 was all set to be the year of the hair clip, it appears that it’s been usurped by its close, curvy neighbour; the headband.

You no doubt spotted one perching atop every editor’s bonce at fashion week, and have likely noticed several adding a certain zhush to the Instagram uploads of every influencer with their finger on the sartorial pulse, but which one should you snap up?

High-end accessory mavens Prada and Gucci have both become the unofficial poster girl of the trend, but at upwards of £200 a pop they’re hardly a try-it-and-see trend. Thankfully, the high street has upped its game.

Whether or not you’ve spent the last few months – or even the last few years – attempting to emulate Blair Waldorf, even the most anti-headwear amongst us are being swayed by the sparkling temptress that is Zara’s latest offering.

Dripping in rhinestones, it is entirely #extra and every KiraKira fan’s Christmas-come-early gift – which will be why it sold out within hours of release last week.

But fear not – GLAMOUR got in touch with the high street stalwart who have confirmed that “there will be more units coming soon”. Perhaps even in a new colourway… *swoon*.

For those impatient shoppers amongst you, the website’s stock checker seems to suggest that there are still a number of units available in store, so pack up your quill and head out to a good old-fashioned bricks-and-mortar store to snap one up.

Whether you wear your halo headband with a simple tee and jeans in the office (N.B. you’ll have to keep an eye on it or it may well be decorating your sticky-fingered colleague’s head before you even start thinking about which sarnie to get for lunch) or with a full-on, full-length evening gown à la Kate Middleton heading to a State Dinner in her finest tiara, it’ll up your sartorial game the moment you put it on.

Race you to the *actual* checkout…

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