The Song Of The Week is Icy by ITZY.

Icy, which I should warn you right now goes like the absolute clappers, is the lead track off the new EP by rel­at­ively new K-pop five-piece ITZY, whose first release popped up back in February. Like a lot of the best pop music Icy feels like it could go in any direction at any moment and you’ve got to love a song that includes the lyrics “beep beep” and “blah blah”. There’s a great bit in the video where one of them eats an apple. AN APPLE!

Additional notes:

  • Tove Lo‘s released her best single in years; Alma comes along for the ride.
  • Sydney-based singer Lola Scott is currently sitting on 227 monthly Spotify listeners. Luxurious pop wobbler Heaven Knows should change that (and the spec­tac­u­larly-titled Warzone Of The Suburbs, from earlier this year, is also worth a listen).
  • Best Raye single yet? Yes.
  • The Charming Horses and Bymia single doesn’t exactly have a double chorus but its chorus does have a great ‘secret com­part­ment’ with the “cos you got me inap­pro­pri­ate” part.
  • Not to say the Carly Rae Jepsen vs Gryffin single is slightly less than the sum of its parts, but if you think about the Gryffin of about three years ago and the Carly Rae Jepsen of, well, about three years ago, OMG isn’t exactly a case of both acts firing on all cylinders.
  • I’m sorry about this because I know you probably really like it but I just find the new Haim song totally awful. What a racket!

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