Those who have followed the trajectory of Taylor Swift‘s career are well aware of the fan anxiety that preceded the release of her seventh studio album, ‘Lover’ (August 23).  In addition to the pressures of following three LPs that sold over 1 million copies their first weeks respectively, ‘Lover’ is also Swift’s first studio effort since 2010’s ‘Speak Now’ not to have one of its singles top the Hot 100 ahead of its parent project’s premiere.

Yet, the absence of a #1 single certainly hasn’t stopped ‘Lover’ from becoming a historic beast in its own right, namely on the Hot 100.


First, thanks to the album’s lead single, ‘Me!,’ vaulting from #100-#2 back in May, the Grammy winner entered history books for the largest one week position jump on the tally (click here to read more).  Next, before ‘Lover’ even touched shelves she tied Madonna‘s longstanding record for most top 20 hits among females (click here to read more).  Now, with all 18 of the project’s tracks impacting the Billboard Hot 100 simultaneously, she’s penciling her name on record pages for a number of other unprecedented achievements.

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With all 18 songs from ‘Lover’ impacting the Hot 100 this week Swift became the first and only female artist to have that many placements on the chart concurrently.  Billboard reports:

“While three songs continue their chart runs and one re-enters, 14 debut, pushing her total to 95 career entries.

 With her haul, Swift rewrites the record for the most simultaneous charted Hot 100 titles among women, as her 18 songs pass the 14 that Billie Eilish tallied on April 13, the week that Eilish’s album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? bowed atop the Billboard 200. Among all acts, Drake has charted the most Hot 100 hits in a single week: 27, on July 14, 2018, when his album Scorpion started at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.”

Those 95 career entries mentioned above means she stands as the female vocalist with the most appearances in Hot 100 history (as we reported here).  Among all female acts, only rapper Nicki Minaj – with her 104 career entries – has more.  Further, among  all acts, Taylor ties Chris Brown for eighth place.

Finally, as if that’s not enough, this week Swift extended her reign as the Queen of Top 40.  As 7 of the 18 placements from the album entered the Hot 100’s top 40, she now boasts a career total of 63 entries in that domain.  The leader among women, she’s trailed by Minaj’s 54 entries and Rihanna‘s 50.  Among all artists, Drake leads with a career total of 99 top 40 placements.

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