If you’re like Ally Brooke, work can’t always happen at home.

For the first time since quarantine and at-home orders were put in place, the superstar singer returned to set to film the music video for her new single “500 Veces,” which also features Messiah. However, the decision wasn’t simply made on a whim. “Me and my entire team and my label, we all had a big discussion and said, ‘Hey we want to do this but we want to do it the right way, we want to be safe, we want to be cautious,'” the 27-year-old exclusively tells E! News. “Health is priority. We did a lot of research and everybody was able to come together and do it in a way where we were safe and comfortable.”

As it turns out, filming in the desert only added to that feeling. “It was great because it’s out in the open and of course, we’re together but it’s outside so I felt safe,” she says. “I wanted to…give it a real, rustic, edgy, cool look. I loved the storyline and the aesthetic, it looks really cool and it gave it that edge that I was looking for.”

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