Sokoloff played Stoneybrook’s resident mean girl and the Club’s rival in the BSC flick and also played Stephanie Tanner’s BFF Gia on the hit series Full House.

Sokoloff went on to star in a string of cult favorite movies, including Whatever It Takes, Dude, Where’s My Car? and Sugar and Spice, as well as starring on The Practice and playing Joe’s pregnant sister on Friends.

After a recurring role on The Fosters, Sokoloff reprised her role of Gia when the sequel series Fuller House came to Netflix. She’s also become a producer and director, directing the 2019 Lifetime Christmas movie Christmas Hotel.

After dating James Franco for five years after meeting on the set of Whatever It Takes, Sokoloff, 39, went on to marry Alec Puro in 2009 and the couple have two daughters, Elliotte, 8, and Olive, 5.

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